Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Chicken Salad" Salad

"Chicken Salad" Salad

Earlier in the week, we had bone-in BBQ chicken breasts and way more pieces than we needed, so I boiled a few for chicken salad.  Bone-in chicken is always more tender when boiled than boneless breasts, and perfect for chicken salad!  A little cafe in Mandeville, LA, turned me on to chicken salad over salad, and it is a great alternative to a sandwich!

Chicken Salad

This recipe is really not a "recipe," but rather rough directions to making my favorite chicken salad. I learned how from a dear family friend, Marilyn Tinnin, in Jackson Mississippi, and revised it a bit to fit our taste.

Chicken breasts, bone-in is most tender
Real mayo--Hellman's or Blue Plate
 Celery--chopped very fine
Green onion--chopped very fine
salt and pepper
Onion and celery for boiling chicken

Boil a large pot of water with one chopped onion and a cut stalk of celery. Once water boils, add chicken and boil 12 minutes, then turn stove off, cover chicken and let sit at least one hour. (This will give you TENDER chicken!)

Shred cooked chicken and mix with mayo, finely chopped celery, finely chopped green onion, and s/p to taste. 
For this lunch, I used fresh red-leaf lettuce, sliced avocado, carrots (shredded with potato peeler), and croutons.  You could add tomato, cucumber, or any other topping!
Below are two delicious choices of dressing for this salad.  
It may seem an odd choice for "chicken salad" salad, but trust me, it's delish!
Today I used Good Seasons Italian, which is a staple in our fridge!  Buy this kit and you will use the cruet over and over to prepare fresh Italian dressing!  It keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks, and I promise you'll prefer it over bottled Italian!  Be sure to purchase vinegar and oil for the dressing if you don't already have them.  Enjoy!!

**PS...One other yummy way to prepare Good Seasons...follow directions on packet for making Italian dressing in cruet.  Shake well.  Fill the remaining space of cruet with peppercorn ranch dressing, and you have yourself almost homemade creamy Italian.  Perfect for company or any night of the week!

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